Introduction or Rentroduction??

Introduction or Rentroduction??

So far we have all gray wolves in the lower 48 protected under the endangered species act and given that protection subspecies of wolves would have been allowed to recovered in their natural ranges.

However in 1982 the Endangered Species Act was amended to include a new section, 10(j) which states:

EXPERIMENTAL POPULATIONS.—(1) For purposes of this subsection, the term ''experimental population`` means any population (including any offspring arising solely therefrom) authorized by the Secretary for release under paragraph (2), but only when, and at such times as, the population is wholly separate geographically from nonexperimental populations of the same species.

(2)(A) The Secretary may authorize the release (and the related transportation) of any population (including eggs, propagules, or individuals) of an endangered species or a threatened species outside the current range of such species if the Secretary determines that such release will further the conservation of such species.

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