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April 1, 2011

Yellowstone is Dead

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The idea for launching this website and waging an all out war against less than honest government wildlife agencies, phony environmental organizations, and anti-hunting individual radical pro-wolf lovers came to me in December 2008, just a few days before Christmas. I was extremely angered over the manner in which those just named continued to fight having the wolf removed from the Endangered Species List, and getting wolf management under way. I was even more angered at the degree of loss and devastation that state and federal wildlife agencies, narrow minded groups such as Defenders of Wildlife, and out of touch with reality pro-wolfers were willing to accept just so they could consider this Greatest Wildlife Disaster of all times, in their words, "A Conservation Success Story."

In reality, it has been anything but. The manipulation of wildlife science, outright theft of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, the cover up lies, the continued destruction of once great wildlife populations, the manner in which environmental groups have turned the wolf into a lucrative cash cow, the mindless politicians who have tried riding the fence on this issue, the idiocy of one federal judge who has sided with these criminals, and the fraudulent deceit associated with the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project (and the contnued expansion of wolf range and numbers in the Upper Midwest) have combined to form one huge dark cloud over this mad scientist experiment gone wrong. And there's now one heck of a storm brewing as sportsmen, ranchers and rural landowners are organizing and taking the fight right back to those who are responsible for the out-of-control mess they've created.

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Shortly after getting LOBO WATCH and the Wolf Hunt Update blog up and running, I was contacted by an equally concerned life-long sportsman from Sandpoint, ID - who was ready and willing to help wage war against pro-wolf elements. He had already put together several short video clips on the wolf problem and disaster. Those had aired on YouTube. I told him that he was doing exactly what needed to be done, and that is taking the truth of the negative impact wolves have on all other living things to the public... to counter the lies and propaganda of the "Pro-Wolf Machine".

That Wolf Warrior is Scott Rockholm.

Now, on this page, I started out to write a review of a powerful new documentary Scott has just released - "Yellowstone is Dead".

However, just before logging onto the site-building program for LOBO WATCH, I went through my usual 30 to 40 NEW e-mails that await me every morning, and one of them contained an excellent review of "Yellowstone is Dead". It had been written by our good friend, and powerful ally in the Wolf War, Tom Remington. His Black Bear Blog also does a great job of countering the lies and deceit that guilty wildlife agencies and faux "conservation" (environmental) groups keep spewing out, as they attempt to further bury real wolf science, and especially try to cover up all evidence of how they have raped this country.

So, I'll share Tom's review of this great expos`e, which tells the true story of what will go down in the history books as the Greatest Wildlife Disaster of all times. If we're lucky, maybe FOX Network will launch a new program that documents how America will now seek to hold the perpetrators of the Eco-Terrorism we've experienced accountable for what we've lost. Maybe, Just Maybe...It Could Be Called "WOLF COPS". And for the guilty parties of this crime, I would just like to know..."What are you gonna do when they come for you?"

Toby Bridges


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Review: "Yellowstone is Dead" a Documentary Film by Scott Rockholm

March 31, 2011 Tom Remington Black Bear Blog

Recently a misleading letter, signed by what was described as "scientists with expertise in biological systems", was sent to members of the United States Senate asking that they not pass any legislation that would disrupt administration of the Endangered Species Act in its current form. Aside from not wanting to put an end to their federal "cash cow", it is apparent that those drafting the letter and in particular those signing the letter, are clueless as to what is going on in Yellowstone National Park and prefer their own "best available science" rather than looking outside their comfort zones. That is made clear from this statement:

In the northern Rocky Mountains the return of wolves has restored key predator-prey dynamics in and around Yellowstone National Park that have resulted in changes throughout the entire ecosystem. To remove protections for wolves before the best available science tells us recovery is ensured would place one of our country`s greatest conservation success stories at risk.

It may be for that very statement alone, "Yellowstone is Dead" was created. There have been "changes throughout the entire ecosystem" alright but not all are changes for the good and it is far from this country`s "greatest conservation success stories". In addition, even those responsible for the wolf experiment admit wolves are recovered.

Our world is infiltrated with wildlife propaganda put out by environmentalists and agenda- driven "scientists" whose goals all too often resemble those of someone seeking financial security rather than truth in science. "Yellowstone is Dead" is a 2-hour documentary that crushes all the other misguided reports about wolves and other predators in Yellowstone National Park.

Scott Rockholm, producer of the film, dares to step outside the socially acceptable Mainstream Media, to present a fresh and honest look at the truth behind wolf recovery. It`s not the huge success story faux scientists are claiming. Covering the history of illegal wolf reintroduction to present day wolf-caused demolition of the largest elk herd in the world, this documentary is nothing like anything that`s ever been available for the public`s education.

Deemed America`s Park, Yellowstone is dead in many aspects and yet is being hidden from the public. Dr. Charles Kay, one who is featured in the documentary, predicted nearly 20 years ago precisely what would happen to Yellowstone with wolves introduced. Jim Beers recounts the theft of millions of sportsman`s excise tax dollars being used to illegally import wolves from Canada into Yellowstone and Central Idaho. Rockholm uses world renowned scientists and the most seasoned of outfitters as well as the "boots on the ground" guys and covers aspects of wolf recovery and predator destruction never before put to the screen.

If truth doesn`t scare you. If you are not frightened to hear things you may not like, then I strongly urge you to watch "Yellowstone is Dead". There`s nothing quite like it!

NOTE: This DVD sells for $20, with all proceeds going to a legal fund for Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, which fully intends to take the wolf criminals to court. We will add a link to Scott Rockholm's webpage on 4/3/11. If you want to order one right now, just Google "Yellowstone is Dead".

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