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January 14, 2015

Environmental and Animal Rights Groups Employ "Divide & Conquer" Tactics To Destroy Hunting

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Operating under the disguise of being "wildlife conservationists" or the "great protectors" of animals and wildlife, organizations like the Defenders of Wildlife, the National Wildlife Federation , and the Humane Society of the United States have built multi-million dollar empires – and have actually spent little to nothing on real conservation or saving wildlife. The real agenda of these three organizations, and dozens more that are nothing more than copy cat groups, is twofold. First, their goal is to put an end to real conservation based hunting and fishing in this country. The second part of their agenda is to push Americans off the land and into the cities – to return a huge chunk of the United States back into human-less wilderness areas, interconnected by "wild corridors" to allow apex predators to move from one wild area to the next without human intervention.

The "New Plan" is to eliminate the need for human hunters to keep wildlife populations in check, and in balance with available habitat. The goal of today`s environmental groups is to allow wolves, mountain lions and bears to keep game numbers whittled down, for nature to maintain its own balance. Working somewhat together toward what is known as the Wildlands Network, each of these groups have literally bilked the American public out of hundreds of millions of dollars every year, and collectively each year amass several billion dollars to attack the sportsman based North American Model for Wildlife Management, and to support the U.S. efforts to achieve the extremely radical United Nations plan to dramatically reduce the human population of Earth to several hundred million within the next hundred or so years. The plan is to make that global population totally dependent upon a single global government – the United Nations! It`s known as Agenda 21.

(See all of those red areas and corridors in the above right illustration? Those are the areas that the Wildlands Network would reserve for predators and predator movement...No Humans Allowed!)

All of this may sound a bit bizarre, and too much like the plot of some wild science fiction novel, and way too hard to swallow – but the wheels are in motion, and it is now taking place all across this country – and around the world.

If these so-called U.S. based "conservation" and "animal rights" organizations aren`t spending their ill-gotten gains on real conservation and the needs of wildlife and other animals... "What are they spending their money on...where are all those billions of dollars going?"

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The simple answer is, they are "investing" to insure that they achieve their agenda. Investing in what?

Let`s take a look at one very Wildlands Network, and Agenda 21, oriented effort – the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project. Since Congress denied funding for this project back in the early to mid 1990`s, where did the millions of dollars come from to foot the bill for all of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expenditures to arrange and coordinate the capture of wild wolves in north central Alberta...the transportation of those wolves to the Greater Yellowstone Area... the compounds and care required to house those wolves...and the transplanting of those wolves throughout the Northern Rockies?

A big slice of that funding came from the theft of somewhere between $45- and $60- million dollars from Pittman-Robertson Funds – from the excise taxes collected on hunter and fisherman purchases of equipment. By law, this money is to be spent only on wildlife and fisheries habitat improvement. This theft took place under the watch of USFWS Director Jamie Rappaport Clark, who got little more than a light slap on the wrist. The agency never did reimburse Pittman-Robertson Funds for the money embezzled. So, what is Jamie Rappaport Clark doing these days? Well, she isn`t spending time behind bars. Instead, she`s now the executive director of Defenders of Wildlife, knocking down somewhere over $300,000 annually.

(Photo Above Left - As much as $60-million dollars was stolen from the sportsman provided Pittman-Robertson Funds, and used in part to finance the dumping of a non-native wolf subspecies into the Greater Yellowstone Area.)

Collectively, several dozen environmental and pseudo wildlife conservation groups invested hundreds of millions of dollars to sell the American public on the "good" imported non- native Canadian wolves would bring to The Northern Rockies ecosystem – by weeding out the sick and the weak, to build stronger and healthier big game herds. Pro-wolf campaign ads and rallies did much to get that public in support of restoring wolf populations. Even many true sportsmen were behind the return of the wolf...until the idiocy of the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project was realized.

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Great elk herds, such as the Northern Yellowstone elk herd were quickly destroyed by ever growing wolf populations. The Northern Yellowstone herd dropped from an estimated 20,000 elk prior to the release of non-indigenous wolves in 1995-96, to less than 4,000 today. Another great herd destroyed by wolves has been the elk population of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area. Once upwards of 15,000 elk roamed that vast expanse of "wild land", today there may be as few as 1,200 to 1,500 elk on that same landscape.

Up and down the western side of Montana, and across the vast majority of the northern half of Idaho, the elk herds have been destroyed by as much as 80-percent – and the damage is now spreading as many of those wolves move into new areas in search of prey. The damage has not only been inflicted on elk populations. Deer numbers have also dropped dramatically, and in many areas that once held a very healthy moose population, they`ve been totally wiped out. Groups such as Defenders of Wildlife, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies, and the Sierra Club have effectively destroyed hunting in these areas – and they have their sights set on doing the same all across the United States. They are willing to invest in making their dream come true.

An ever growing percentage of license and permit buying sportsmen are now beginning to turn against state wildlife agencies, which seem to have bought into the "natural balance" hoopla promoted by pro-wolf groups. Perhaps the most out of touch with the "Reality of Living With Wolves" has been Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. This agency bent over backwards to continue hiding the damage wolves were doing to big game herds, and the real number of wolves within the state, until they just could not throw out enough smoke and mirrors to continue hiding the fallacy of using wolves and other major predators to provide an acceptable "natural balance". Has this agency, and other overly pro-predator agencies, accepted under the table, or in a hidden way, illegal financial support from environmental and animal rights groups? Many sportsmen believe they have, and that these agencies continue to look for new ways to receive funding from the enemies of those who hunt and fish - who have been the sole supporters of these agencies since they were first established.

It has become very clear that these state agencies have been moving away from the North American Model for Wildlife Management – the very model which resulted in very harvestable populations of deer, elk, moose, pronghorns and other big game. In Montana, the majority of hunters now strongly feel that MT FWP has become more dedicated to insuring growing wolf, mountain lion and bear populations than managing for healthy numbers of wild ungulates. However, it has been the sale of licenses and permits to hunt non-predator big game species which has largely funded that agency, and every other state game and fish agency in the country. Now, many state game and fish agencies are pushing to accept funding from the very same people who want to put a stop to hunting, and even fishing.

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Have our state wildlife agencies been infiltrated by "new wave" oriented wildlife biologists and managers? The manner in which these agencies have simply gone along with the introduction of non-native wolves into the Northern Rockies, and which also seem to support the claims of pro-wolf organizations in the Great Lakes, Eastern and Southwest "wolf recovery" areas, looks as if state wildlife agencies now have a new agenda.

The graft behind wolf recovery, and ever expanding bear and lion populations, goes much deeper than less than honest state wildlife agencies. That became very clear during several federal hearings during the attempts to have the wolf removed from the protection of the Endangered Species List. Although Montana, Idaho and Wyoming had achieved the "recovery goal" of the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Plan by 2002, a coalition of pro-wolf organizations managed to stall "management" of those wolf populations until 2009, and by that time wolf numbers were easily 400- to 500-percent greater than those goals – and that`s when the Northern Rockies big game herds really took a beating due to excessive wolf depredation.

Those organizations that kept wolf management tied up in court had learned to use the "wolf issue" and other "environmental issues" as "cash cows", and generally had a dozen or more cases being actively pursued, to stop this or that, all at the same time. Again, thanks to a very flawed legal act, known as the Equal Access to Justice Act, those groups learned how to bilk the American public out of billions of more dollars – since the federal government was actually paying them to, of all things, file lawsuits against U.S. government agencies. Through the 2000`s, these organizations banked somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-BILLION taxpayer dollars – giving them a lot of clout to buy off whoever needed to be bought off, whether it was a federal court judge, an elected official, or perhaps even in the form of large contributions to colleges and universities, to persuade them to adopt a more liberal and "environmentally friendly" curriculum. Could this be why the "wildlife science" being taught today is in direct conflict of the North American Model for Wildlife Management...and why we now have a glut of biologists and managers who are managing more for the proliferation and spread of apex predators than the consumptive harvest of big game?

When a court repeatedly sides with the less than factual claims of groups like the Center for Biological Diversity or the National Wildlife Federation, instead of the reality of the impact an overly protected population of wolves is negatively making on the past hundred years of wildlife conservation , what is that judge`s motivation? That`s exactly the question several hundred thousand Montanans repeatedly asked themselves when federal judge Donald Molloy, of Missoula, did just that. How much money does it take to pay off a federal judge, or what is a judge's cut of the Equal Access to Justice money that will be kicked back their way?

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Another very suspicious player in all of this has been Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester. While Tester tried to play something of a hero, by getting a rider, which permitted the hunting of wolves, attached to another bill for keeping the government funded, that wasn`t the only reason he pushed for that legislation. In fact, he did it for another reason altogether, to simply circumvent another bill which would have totally removed the wolf from the protection of the Endangered Species Act – the "Holy Grail" of radical environmental groups. So, what was Tester`s real motivation?

Perhaps it was the same motivation which has had Senator Tester right in the pockets of all those environmental groups pushing for ever expanded "wilderness areas". Due to the difficult and often impossible access for most residents of Montana, these huge wild areas have become the absolute hardest hit areas by wolves, lions and bears. All of the access closures into these areas, and the restrictions against any motorized vehicles (or even mountain bikes or using wheeled carts to manually pull camping and hunting gear into these areas), the "wilderness areas" of the Northern Rockies have become wildlife dead zones. Thanks to the light hunting pressure within these remote places, predators regularly over populate and game populations have become so devastated, that much of that "pristine wild land" cannot offer enough sustenance for major carnivores. These areas are nothing more than core areas for predators, which readily leave and move right down into the human inhabited valleys and onto ranch lands. This is where the majority of Montana`s game is now found, not in the backcountry – and this where the wolves, lions and bears now find their prey - both wild and domestic.

(Photo Above Right - Uncontrolled predator populations in the wilderness areas have decimated big game populations, turning these inaccessbile wild areas into wildlife dead zones.)

So, what has Jon Tester`s motivation been for establishing more and more "wilderness" in a state that already has 15 National Wilderness Areas? Does he actually serve the people of Montana, or is he a paid participant in the Wildlands Network agenda?

The dirty money that`s powering the extremely questionable environmental movement doesn`t all come from the environmental and animal rights groups. Much of it is provided by wealthy U.N. Agenda 21 supporters. One is billionaire George Soros, who incidentally played an instrumental role in getting Barack Obama into the White House. He contributes somewhere in the neighborhood of $400-million each year to environmental and Agenda 21 causes. Another overly "green" billionaire is Ted Turner, of CNN fame and now a Montana land owner, who has proclaimed that one of his goals is to get 30,000 ranchers removed from the land. To achieve his goal, Turner has even bank rolled getting Mike Phillips into office, now as a state senator. Phillips also just happens to head the Turner Endangered Species Fund.

Every election year in Montana, a couple of phony "sportsman" groups rear their ugly heads to throw the election in favor of "their" favored liberal environmental candidates. During the 2012 election, a group known as Montana Hunters and Anglers Action spent somewhere in between 1- and 1 ½-million dollars to insure that their choice, Senator Jon Tester, was re-elected. Heading that group was Land Tawney, of Missoula, who works for the National Wildlife Federation, which proclaims itself to be the leading proponent of expanded wolf and bear numbers... and greatly expanding their range. Much of the group`s effort was to pay for attack ads against Tester`s opponent for his Senate seat - U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg, who has strongly opposed the wolf project. So, where did such an unknown sportsman group get that kind of money? The source of that funding has never been disclosed, but it most likely came from the same environmental groups to which Senator Tester has shown more allegiance than to the citizens of Montana.

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Tawney now also heads another spurious "sportsman" organization, known as Montana Backcountry Hunters and Anglers – which strongly supports establishing more wilderness areas. This group has sponsored Randy Newberg`s "Fresh Tracks" outdoor television show on the Outdoor Channel. Now the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is partnering up with Newberg to sponsor his new show "On Your Own Adventures", and that now has many sportsmen wondering about RMEF, and their sponsoring of someone who has ties with the pro-wolf community. Could it be that the money laden environmental groups are now getting infiltrators into sportsman based wildlife organizations in order to change their feelings about "natural balance"?

The State of Montana is rife with phony or bogus "sportsman" groups. For the most part, they are little more than fronts for environmental organizations, to present false images or beliefs in order to sway public opinion...and public elections. A great example is the Montana Wildlife Federation. This organization is nothing more than a state chapter of the National Wildlife Federation. That chapter pretty much promotes the same stand and agenda as the national organization – and across the state there are more than a dozen county "sportsman" or "game and fish" organizations, which are direct affiliates of MWF – and which show up at game department meetings to attempt halting more stringent wolf, lion and bear control.

Right now, Montana and Idaho seem to be the hotbed of such deceit and under the table dealings, but it is likely happening as well in all states. The environmental and animal rights groups, which are definitely the enemy of all outdoor sportsmen who support the consumptive harvest of game and fish, are working hard to disrupt game management practices which have not only saved most of this country`s wildlife from being lost forever, but have also resulted in a bountiful surplus which has been feeding millions of Americans for decades.

Those enemies of the outdoor sportsman are now investing hundreds of millions every year to drive a wedge between hunters and fishermen and the state game departments these sportsmen have supported and funded since they were founded. The environmental groups are also financially persuading educators and elected officials to support their "natural balance" theory, which has already failed miserably. Their goal is to "Divide & Conquer", and they seem to have the money to achieve their agenda.

Frustrated by a near total lack of opposition to all of this from the shooting, hunting and outdoor sports industry, a number of sportsman organizations have carried on the battle to fight back, but their efforts are fragmented and underfunded – leading to more frustration. Some have even started to bicker and quarrel with each other, which could be a sign that the tactics of the anti-hunting, anti-consumptive harvest groups are winning. - LOBO WATCH

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